Arduino Kit

SciTech Skills DIY Arduino kit For Beginners (learn Basic - Intermediate - Advance In 20 Days) with User Manual, Code, and complete video tutorial for many projects.



Blinking LED, Active Buzzer, Controlling an LED by a Button, Controlling Relay
Serial Port, LED Flowing Lights, LED Bar Graph Display, Breathing LED
Controlling an RGB LED by PWM, Playing Music, LCD1602 Display, 7-segment Display, A Simple Counter, Dot-matrix Display, Controlling a Servo
Photoresistor, Measuring Temperature by a Thermistor, IR Remote Controller
Temperature & HumiditySensorDHT-11, Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, 3-axis Accelerometer—ADXL345, 4x4 Matrix  Keypad, Controlling DC  motor PS2 Joystick, A Simple Voltmeter, RFID module, Lion movement, Brightness controlling of a photo with a photoresistor, Controlling the 3D Model by PS2 Joystick, The Brick Games, and many more

Price- 3150/00
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